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Dermalogica Facial Treatments

The moment your skin changes forever...  When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. 

All treatments include a skin consultation before the treatment begins and finishes with advice on how best to look after your skin. » Price list


Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. While eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether in this fast-paced world may be idealistic, massage can, without a doubt, help manage stress, decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, greater energy, improved concentration, increased circulation and reduced fatigue.

Getting a massage will do you the world of good. And getting massage frequently can do even more. Budgeting time and money for bodywork at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your health. Consider massage appointments a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan. » Price list

Massage is more than a luxury ...

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is the ultimate therapeutic and popular massage of the head, neck, shoulders & face. This traditional & effective massage is excellent for relieving stress and also promotes relaxation.Many office workers or people who use computers suffer from aching shoulders and tight muscles in the neck. Indian head massage is an ideal massage to alleviate these problems. Also many people find that this massage, as it is a fully clothed massage, find it less intrusive than a full body massage.

Did you know that having an Indian head massage you will receive similar benefits to having reflexology? This is because all the organs are not only linked to nerves into your feet but also to the head so when you have a head massage you are giving the whole body an MOT. All the organs of the body are then able to release harmful toxins to help the body avoid many illnesses. » Price list


Martin Luther once said, "The hair is the richest ornament of women." How true this is for the luscious mane that crowns your lovely head, and alas, how untrue for the hair on many other parts of your body where it so dutifully abounds.

This has made hair-removal a routine ceremony to be performed, especially by women and nowadays, even by men. Waxing is a very convenient, cost-effective, longer-lasting and quick method of removing this unwanted and unsightly body hair.

As it removes hair directly from the roots, one does not need to worry about hair growth till at least 3-6 weeks. Waxing can be used for removing hair from virtually any part of the body. » Price list


Threading is a technique of removing hair practiced since time immemorial in the Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia and now becoming popular in the West. Threading involves twisting a thread of pure cotton between the fingers and around rows of hair to pull them out of their roots. It is commonly used by women at home, or in beauty parlours, for shaping their eyebrows and removing other facial and body hair.

Threading removes many hairs in one go, in contrast to tweezing or plucking, where hairs are removed one by one; so, it is a faster and less painful method of removing hair. Threading is considered to be a more specialised way of removing hair, especially from the eyebrows, because it involves a technique of removing hair in their natural lines, thereby, giving a more chiseled effect and well-arched eyebrows. » Price list

Tinting & Shaping

Women who regularly get their eyelashes tinted enjoy a number of benefits. If your lashes are naturally blond, getting them dyed will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes. The best part is the benefit is around the clock; unlike mascara that you must apply every morning, be careful not to smudge, and wash off at night, with dyed lashes you wake up looking like you already have makeup on.

Lash tinting is a great option for women who have busy or active lifestyles, it will give you a more polished, coiffed look that is also no-maintenance. » Price list

* A patch test must be carried out at least 24 hours beforehand if you have never had tinting done before or if you are receiving a treatment with a different brand of tint *


There's nothing nicer than holding out your hand with beautifully manicured nails or wearing those strappy sandals and showing off your toes! 

A manicure and pedicure helps maintain healthy nails, hydrates the hands, nails and cuticles, exfoliates the skin, relieves aches and pains and promotes relaxation and relieves stress. » Price list

Make Up

The use of makeup may be to hide the defects which appear on the face. It is a moral booster for many and it boosts your confidence. The important thing about wearing makeup is to know what suits you the best.

Know your skin type then according to your skin color and eye color decide upon the makeup you planning to use. » Price list